Sunday, 8 February 2009

Good bye games

Well a few people asked me a question along these lines “Why are you getting rid of yours stuff ?” and “What are you selling ?”
The second question will be answered in the fullness of time. But first up the answer to the first question
Ive decided to become more of a games player and less of a collector for several reasons

Well the first is a bit obvious, its more fun, having games is one thing playing them is another
Whats the point of having hundreds of games and only playing one or two ?
So ive decided to only keep the ones that I like and get rid of those that I dont

The second reason is the space issue
All them consoles take up a lot of space and the games can take up even more.
What was “A broom cubboard of games” is now “A few boxes in the broom cubboard”

The third is a bit about my current income
Being jobless dont pay that much, ok some of these games wont fetch that much but every little helps (in before get a job)

The forth is more of a emotional reason
I dont have any fond memory's of the stuff im selling
Most games I have ive had for years (Nights, Gunstar heroes, Teddy boy, Yars revenge Etc etc)

Its gonna be hard getting rid of some of them
But still its gonna be more fun this way

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